Friday, December 25, 2009

Noah's Ark - the extra cruises

How did Noah get the island-dwelling animals on board the Ark? I assume that before the flood, he took the Ark around the world to pick them up. Otherwise, how would he have gotten the koalas from Australia, the kiwis from New Zealand, the giant tortoises from the Galapagos, and the forty-two different tree snails that were found only in Hawaii? For that matter, how did he get all the South American animals (New World monkeys, giant anteaters, alpacas, anacondas, etc.)? Too bad we didn't get the details of that cruise.

And after the flood, how did he get them back home, since the Ark was stuck on Mt. Ararat? I suppose he must have made a second Ark, to haul them all back. As far as I know, the Ark did not have engines, so these two extra cruises must have taken an awfully long time. Perhaps that is why Noah had to live 950 years.

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